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InvertaPress 4000: It's Easy

Equal Flow Rates

InvertaPress 4000's Patented dual piston design makes it easy to get the right mix every time. Both Side A & Side B pistons are lowered onto InvertaPress Pac U-Fill containers at the exact same speed. As pistons push downward, collapsing each container, materials flow through supply hose, to a mixing tip, creating an equal flow rate every time. No off-ratio mismatch when applying two-part materials, even when Side A & Side B have unequal viscosities.


Dispenses both one-component and two-component materials, with no special adjustments.

Quick Change Out

Switch from one product to another with no down time.

Variable Speed

Work at the pace that meets your needs.

Closed Packaging System

Patented InvertaPress Pac U-Fill packaging system eliminates the need for materials to make direct contact with InvertaPress 4000's working parts. NO FLUSHING REQUIRED.

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