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InvertaPress 4000: Game Changing Technology

InvertaPress 4000: Game Changing Technology

With Multi-Component Materials… It’s All About the Mix

Every now and then, something new comes along that changes the way we do things. When applying two-component adhesives, sealants and coatings, InvertaPress 4000 is one of those revolutionary inventions that changes how materials are applied. InvertaPress 4000 makes it easy for Contractors to do the job right.

  • Equal Flow Rates: InvertaPress 4000’s Patented dual piston design makes it easy to get the right mix every time. Both Side A & Side B pistons are lowered onto InvertaPress Pac U-Fill containers at the exact same speed. As Side A and Side B pistons push downward, collapsing each container, Side A and Side B materials flow through supply hose, to a mixing tip, creating an equal flow rate. No off-ratio mismatch when applying two-part materials, even when Side A & Side B have unequal viscosities.
  • Quick Change Out: Switch from one product to another with no down time.
  • Variable Speed: Work at the pace that meets your needs.
  • Self-Contained Packaging: Patented InvertaPress Pac U-Fill packaging system eliminates the need for materials to make direct contact with InvertaPress 4000's working parts. NO FLUSHING REQUIRED.
  • Versatile: Dispenses both one-component and two-component materials, with no special adjustments.

  • Two-component system performance is reliant on the Contractor’s ability to apply the product in strict compliance with the manufacturer's written instructions. One of the most critical steps to system success, with two-component products, is achieving the proper mix of Sides A & B.

    Depending which packaging and dispensing method is chosen, achieving the correct, on ratio, mix can be tricky. When a poor mix is a contributor to any product failure, Manufacturers consider the problem to be the result of applicator error. Let's review some of the more popular methods for applying two-component materials.

    Paddle and Drill systems offer low initial cost for the Contractor. The Contractor combines Sides A & B into a bucket and attaches a mixing paddle to a drill. Simply mix the materials for either a specified period of time or until the two components reach a certain consistency or color. Only one problem:

    • When the person doing the mixing doesn’t mix long enough or doesn’t have the patience to get the right consistency, poor mix and poor system performance could be the likely outcome. This low-cost option can result in the creation of a very expensive liability.

    Pressurized Canisters offer Contractors the ability to apply two-component low-rise foam without the use of specialized dispensing equipment, such as pumps. 

    • When applying two-component low rise urethane foam adhesive, Contractors appreciate that each, properly prepared, Part A & Part B set, can yield enough material to install up to 3500 sq. ft. of roof insulation with no change outs.
    • Proper storage is critical. When stored at temperatures that are too warm or too cold, Side A & Side B materials may have uneven flow rates which result in a poor mix.
    • Many Manufacturers require the Contractor to shake each canister a minimum number of times before use. If not done correctly, the result can be poor mixing.

    Dual Cartridges are used in a wide variety of applications. Both Dentist and Roofers utilize dual cartridge packaging when they need a perfect mix and a strong bond.

    • Equipment cost is pretty low compared to other dispensing options.
    • Because both Side A & B materials are pushed from each cartridge at the same speed, matched flow rate results in an excellent mix every time.
    • A 750ml x 750ml cartridge set is considered large volume. Each cartridge set contains about 0.40 gallons of material. EXAMPLE: A 750ml x 750ml cartridge will install between 100sq ft. – 150sq ft. of rigid roof insulation. Not bad, but not ideal for large roofing projects. Because both packaging materials and the fill process are expensive, this system has very high per gallon/sq. ft cost compared to other options.

    Multi-Component Pumps can offer some attractive benefits. Materials can be purchased in large units, 10-gallon sets, 30-gallon sets and 100-gallon sets. This results in significantly lower cost per gallon/sq. ft. for the Contractor. Simply attach each pumps inlet hose to the Side A & B containers. This method allows the Contractor to cover large areas between changeovers. Things to be aware of:

    • Pumps can be tricky to operate. Depending which system is used, the Contractor may or may not be able control the flow rate of Sides A & B to insure even flow rates. When uneven flow rates occur, the result can be a poor mix.
    • Uneven flow rates are the result of a number of conditions.
      • Side A & B may have different viscosities and flow rates due to cool/cold temperatures or age.
      • Side A & Side B may have different viscosities by design.
      • Side A or Side B pump may be clogged or restricted due to poor maintenance or other factors. The result is uneven flow rates.
      • Unfortunately, it can be difficult for the Installer to know whether the mix is right:
        • EXAMPLE: Low-Rise Foam Insulation Adhesive products should be allowed to rise before setting insulation board in place. Look for a consistent rise and color. Inconsistent color and rise are an indication of poor mix.
        • Dispense a small amount of material to make sure everything is working properly prior to use.
        • Check each Side A & Side B material containers to determine if both containers are emptied at the same rate. EXAMPLE: Side B container is empty while the Side A container still has material left over. This situation suggests the mix is too rich with Side B. That can be a problem.

    InvertaPress 4000 perfectly mixes two-component materials every time.

    InvertaPress 4000’s patented design offers mix consistency and simplicity like a dual-cartridge system. It cannot go off ratio.

    Combined with the patented InvertaPress Pac U-Fill container system, Contractors can realize material cost savings normally associated with large packaging.

    Combined with our AdvanQuick line of multi-bead applicators, single bead applicators, power rollers, power squeegees and other accessories, InvertaPress 4000 makes it easy to apply materials faster and more accurately than nearly all other application options.

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