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U-Fill 1500 ml Dual Cartridge


U-Fill 1500 ml Dual Cartridges make it profitable to transfer any one part or 1:1 ratio adhesive, sealant, coating or mastic, from its original container, to 1500 ml cartridges. You can do it on the jobsite.  Available in 12 or 42 count quantities.

Ideal for use with the 1500 ml Dual Cartridge U-Fill Station

What Contractors like about U-Fill

Transferring product from barrels to U-Fill 1500 ml Dual Cartridges is a quick and easy way to save a lot of money.

Example: Two part urethane foam is commonly used in the roofing industry as an adhesive to attach rigid insulation boards to the buildings roof deck. 

When the project is small, isolated, congested, or when local conditions are not suitable for a pump application, many contractors prefer materials packaged in 1500 ml cartridges. They're easy to use with low cost application tools.

Because A&B materials are dispensed at the same flow rate, dual cartridges provide the optimum mix, which is a big contributor to long term performance.

Pre-filled 1500 ml cartridges can be one of the most expensive low rise urethane options. A four cartridge box contains 1.6 gallons of adhesive. Depending on your location or order size, a box of cartridges can cost $250.00 and higher. 20,000 sq. ft. of application will require 200 cartridges or 50 boxes of adhesive. Costing $12,500.00

Save with U-Fill 

It takes less than 10 minutes to fill four 1500 ml cartridge sets. Labor cost will vary. For illustration purposes, let's say your labor cost is $100.00/hour. One person can fill 24 U-Fill 1500 Cartridges per hour. That's equal to 6 pre-filled boxes. 

Here's the math based on filling U-Fill 1500 cartridges. Enough adhesive to adhere about 20,000 square feet of rigid roof insulation(based on manufacturers estimate)

- 200 Cartridges cost $1480.00

- 16 gallons of low rise adhesive @$50.00/gl cost $4000.00

- 8.5 man ours labor @ $100.00/hour cost $850.00

Based on this example, total cost to fill 40 U-Fill 1500 cartridges will be $6.330.00. Resulting in savings of $6,170.00 (nominal 49%) per layer of insulation/cover board on a 200 square project. If you are paying more than $250.00 per box, your savings will be higher.

If you're looking for ways to lower material cost, you need to consider U-Fill. 

Should you prefer large packaging, check out InvertaPress 4000 and U-Fill 16,275 ml cartridges. This revolutionary dispensing system provides the same matched flow technical advantages associated with 1500 ml cartridges.

Our U-Fill 32,550 ml A&B cartridge sets hold about 21 times the volume. Total cost would be $4,350.00 ($0.2175 sq. ft.). Resulting in savings of $8,150.00 (65%).

There's no better way to make more money while achieving peace of mind that materials are properly mixed.

It's easy. Reach out to us at to find out how much you'll save, with U-Fill packaging, on your next project.