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Call 216-307-4497 or Email for more information.
Call 216-307-4497 or Email for more information.

U-Fill InvertaPress Pac


Advantec Building Products makes it easy for contractors to make more $$$$. U-Fill InvertaPress Pac containers are designed for use with the InvertaPress 4000 dispensing system.

Simply transfer your favorite adhesive, sealant or coating, from its original container, into two 4.3 gl. (8.6 gl. A&B set) U-Fill InvertaPress Pac containers, to experience all the economic and technical advantages associated with InvertaPress 4000. 

Why you should purchase this product.

  1. Never clean a pump again.
  2. Never worry whether your two-part materials are properly mixed.
  3. U-Fill InvertaPress Pac containers allow you to take advantage of all the technical benefits, labor savings and cost savings associated with the InvertaPress 4000 dispensing system. InvertaPress 4000 does everything a pump does and much. much more.
    1. Dispenses both one-part and Two-Part materials.
    2. No clean-out or flushing required between product change overs.
    3. U-Fill InvertaPress Pac’s closed system dispenses materials from the container, directly through the supply hose to your application tool. Materials never come into direct contact with the InvertaPress unit.
    4. Un-like pumps, there are little to no maintenance requirements with InvertaPress 4000.
    5. InvertaPress 4000 delivers two-part materials to the mixing head at matched flow rates, even when Sides A&B have different viscosities due to design, age or temperature. Resulting in a perfect mix every time.
    6. While the standard InvertaPress is set-up for 1:1 ratio two-part mix, we can customize your system for on-demand change over to any ratio mix required.

U-Fill saves you money.

Purchase your favorite adhesive or coating materials in large containers, such as drums, instead of pails. Higher volume packaging can reduce your material cost by as much as 30%-40%.

Example: Popular two-part low-rise foam insulation adhesives, used in commercial roofing, can cost more than $40.00/gl. when purchased in 10 gl. sets. Purchasing the same material in 100 gl. sets can reduce your cost to about $27.00/gl. That’s more than a 30% savings.

What Contractors like about InvertaPress 4000 and U-Fill InvertaPress Pac containers.

  1. Contractors don’t have to factor in project downtime associated with pump malfunction or breakdowns.
  2. Gain peace of mind because they don’t have to worry about future liability associated with improper material mix due to uneven flow rates, which are common with pump systems.
  3. Saves Money without taking risk.
  4. Versatility. Almost any one-part or two-part material can be dispensed with InvertaPress 4000 and U-Fill InvertaPress Pac.

Transferring product from barrels to U-Fill InvertaPress Pac containers is quick and easy. 

For materials packaged in drums or totes:

  1. Simply attach a spigot to the drum or tote. For moisture sensitive materials attach a desiccant filter to the containers breather vent.
  2. Position the drum horizontally, upon a drum dolly, or place the tote at an elevation that is higher than the top of the U-Fill container.
  3. Fill each U-Fill container to within 1” - 2” from the top. Take steps to ensure all containers are filled evenly.
  4. Attach the shipping cap. You’re done.

For materials packaged in pails:

    1. Place a large funnel into the opening at the top of the container.
    2. Empty the contents from the pail into the U-Fill container. When transferring materials from containers larger than 4.3 gallons, use the remaining material to fill the next U-Fill container.
    3. Fill each container to within 1” - 2” from the top. Take steps to ensure all containers are filled evenly.
    4. Attach the shipping cap. You’re done.