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V Manifold Premium



Why choose a Premium V-Manifold Applicator?

  • Apply two-part adhesives efficiently and with less mess
  • Experience less downtime with straight flow paths that keep material flowing freely
  • Confidently rely on the anodized aluminum body and threads
  • Eliminate end-of-day greasing hassles
  • Quickly and easily remove dried material using the included 12” drill bit
  • Simplify operation with the optional Yoke Handle
  • Decrease operator fatigue with light-weight design and comfort-fit forearm cuff and handle

With what machines can I use V-Manifold Applicators?

InvertaPress4000, Cyclone, Pace Cart, and Patriot Jr.

What is a Yoke Handle?

The V-Manifold Adhesive Applicator has two ball-valves. The Yoke Handle connects the two valves, allowing you to start and stop both valves with one motion. Both the Standard and Premium V-Manifold Adhesive Applicators can be purchased with a Yoke Handle. (Yoke Handles are not sold separately.)

What's the difference between the Standard V-Manifold Adhesive Applicator and the Premium V-Manifold Adhesive Applicator?

The Standard V-Manifold Adhesive Applicator is molded urethane with steel flow paths and no grease fittings. The Premium V-Manifold Adhesive Applicator has a machined, all-aluminum body and Zerk grease fittings for each flow path. Both models have straight flow paths that dramatically reduce clogs, compared to older technology.

How do I clean out the V-Manifold Adhesive Applicator?

Leave the mixing tip on the applicator until the next use. Prior to starting work again, remove the old mixing tip, open the ball-valves, and run the included drill bit into the distribution openings. Be sure to clean the drill bit after the first side to avoid contaminating the second one.

Can I buy replacement ball-valves?

Yes. Ball valves for both the Standard and Premium V-Manifold Applicators are available from your local Rooftop Equipment Distributor.

Can I buy replacement drill bits?

Yes, through your local Rooftop Equipment Distributor.

I misplaced my fittings. Can I buy replacements?

You can! Just contact your local Rooftop Equipment Distributor.