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Call 216-307-4497 or Email for more information.
Call 216-307-4497 or Email for more information.

Tank Spreader Super 40"


Super Spreader

  • 40” wide (1 meter)
  • 14-gallon tank
  • Ideal for wide, open areas
  • Applies up to 300 ft2 per minute
  • Appropriate for adhesives and coatings
  • Accommodates flat Spreader Rollers

OK, I’m convinced! How soon can I get my Tank Spreader?
We offer same-day shipping on most orders.

Do you ship internationally?

Where’s my nearest distributor?
Click here to find a distributor near you.

Do Profile Tank Spreaders come in different sizes?
No. Since Profile Rollers come only in 8” and 14” widths, they fit only our 8” Hand Roller Frame and SingleWide Spreader.

What comes with the Tank Spreader?
Each Tank Spreader comes packaged with a frame, tank, and either a Spreader Roller or Profile Roller.

I own a SingleWide Tank Spreader already. Can I put a 14” Profile Roller on my existing Spreader?
Yes. SingleWide Tank Spreader frames can be used for both flat and metal roof applications. However, you’ll need to replace your standard tank with a Profile Tank, which has a different hole pattern to allow more material to flow over the rib of the roof panel.

I’ll be using a Trapezoid Profile Roller. Will a Profile Tank work?
No, but our Trapezoid Tank will! It’s specifically designed to accommodate the larger-diameter roller necessary to cover 3” ribs on trapezoidal panels.

Is it possible to control the Tank Spreader’s rate of flow?
Absolutely—and without a bunch of knobs, levers, and dials to complicate the process and cause breakdowns. Our Tank Spreaders are gravity-fed, which means the larger the holes, the more material will flow. As you’re applying material, watch the running puddle in front of the roller. If the puddle disappears, your flow isn’t optimized. Simply enlarge a few of the center-most holes on the tank, 1/16” at a time, to increase your application speed—and your productivity.

Can I put hot tar in my Tank Spreader?
We don’t recommend using our Tank Spreaders for tar applications.

How do I clean the tank on my Tank Spreader?
Most materials, such as acrylic, silicone, or urethane, won’t stick to the polyethylene tank. Open the drain hole on the back of the tank, and pour leftover materials into a pail. Then, after any remaining material cures, simply peel it from the tank. (To make clean-up fast and easy on future jobs, spray tank surfaces with silicone before each use.) Solvent-based materials may not peel out, so we’ve made our tanks easy to replace; simply spin a couple of wingnuts, and clean-up is done.

Can I purchase replacement tanks for my Tank Spreader?
Yes. Replacement tanks are available in 14”, 27”, and 40”. Switching to a new tank is as easy as spinning two wing nuts.

What’s the best way to maintain the tires on my Tank Spreader?
Cover your Tank Spreader tires with Teflon tape so you can easily peel away any build-up.

Why are there two screws in the holes at the end of the tank?
We recommend using the screws to close the two end holes of the tank in these situations:

  • When you’re applying coating and wish to diminish the running puddle at the ends of the roller
  • When you’re applying bonding adhesive, which doesn’t require a running puddle

What’s the difference between a Tank Spreader and a Better Spreader?

  • Better Spreaders are appropriate for adhesive work only; Tank Spreaders can be used with both adhesives and coatings.
  • Tank Spreaders have a hopper with ¼” holes located 1” on center. Better Spreaders hold 5-gallon pails of material above a roller. To release the material, you punch a row of holes in the side of each pail.
  • Both Tank Spreaders and Better Spreaders are available in SingleWide (14”) and DoubleWide (27”) models; only Tank Spreaders are available in 40” width.

Do you have something that will apply beads of material rather than a spread?
Yes! We offer 14″ and 40″ Bead Applicators. The holes that dispense beads of liquid adhesive can be placed according to your needs.