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Call 216-307-4497 or Email for more information.
Call 216-307-4497 or Email for more information.

Mini Bead 14"



Why choose a Bead Applicator?

  • Increase productivity with simple-to-use, gravity-driven application of adhesives
  • Eliminate clean-up hassles
  • Reduce waste with factory-set, manufacturer-specified bead sizing and spacing
  • Have the flexibility of single-component or pre-mixed, two-component bead application
  • Decrease operator fatigue with light-weight design

What size Bead Applicator should I choose?

  • The 14″ Mini Bead is best for roofs under 100 squares and in cut-up areas with penetrations
  • The 40″ Super Bead Tank Spreader is ideal for wide, open areas

Is the wheel alignment adjustable?

Does the Bead Applicator have standard hole sizes and spaces?
It’s up to you! Order standard spacing, custom spacing, or drill the holes yourself.

How do I clean the Bead Applicator tank?
Drain any unused adhesive into a container, and wipe the hole edges and tank walls. After any remaining material cures, simply peel it from the tank. (To make clean-up fast and easy on future jobs, spray tank surfaces with silicone before each use.)

Can I adjust the flow for materials of different viscosity?
Absolutely—and without a bunch of knobs, levers, and dials to complicate the process and cause breakdowns. Simply enlarge the distribution ports with a drill bit, 1/16″ at a time, to increase your application speed—and your productivity.