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Call 216-307-4497 or Email for more information.
Call 216-307-4497 or Email for more information.

Flat Hand Rollers


Why choose Flat Hand Rollers?

  • Load twice the material typical rollers can handle
  • Cover twice the surface area in half the time, so you can get to your next job faster
  • Rely on built-to-perform durability
  • Requires a Hand Roller Frame

Can I clean Flat Hand Rollers?
Cleaning is not recommended.

Can I reuse Flat Hand Rollers?
Our Rollers put down a significant amount of material, so it’s worth using a new one every day. However, if you’re applying a water-based product, such as acrylic, our Flat Hand Rollers last up to three days. Simply load up the roller nap with extra product and wrap using an air-tight material. If you’re using silicone or other non-water-based products, you’ll need to replace your roller each day.

Can I use your Flat Hand Rollers on a paint frame purchased at a big box store?
We don’t recommend it. Our Flat Hand Rollers hold twice the product of typical rollers (hello, efficiency!), which means the frame supporting them must be especially strong and durable. We’ve designed our Hand Roller Frames to withstand your most rigorous jobs so you never have to worry about broken equipment and downtime.