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Call 216-307-4497 or Email for more information.
Call 216-307-4497 or Email for more information.

Better Spreader Doublewide 27"


Why choose a Better Spreader?

  • Evenly and efficiently apply adhesives, directly from the can
  • Eliminate tanks, trays, valves, and cranks—and the messes that go with them
  • Double production compared to paint rollers
  • Decrease downtime with quick and easy roller changes
  • Reduce fatigue with lightweight, compact design


What’s the difference between a Tank Spreader and a Better Spreader?

  • Better Spreaders are appropriate for adhesive work only; Tank Spreaders can be used with both adhesives and coatings.
  • Tank Spreaders have a hopper with ¼” holes located 1” on center. Better Spreaders hold 5-gallon pails of material above a roller. To release the material, you punch a row of holes in the side of each pail.
  • Both Tank Spreaders and Better Spreaders are available in SingleWide (14”) and DoubleWide (27”) models; only Tank Spreaders are available in 40” width.

Why would I choose a Better Spreader over a Tank Spreader?
If your goal is to completely eliminate clean-up hassles at the end of a long work day, the Better Spreader is for you. Still, our Tank Spreaders clean up easily, too, and although thousands of roofers have made the switch to our ground-breaking Better Spreader since we introduced it in 1982, most roofers simply prefer to keep using what they’re used to using.

What size Better Spreader should I choose?

SingleWide Better Spreader

  • 14” wide
  • Great for jobs as small as 20 squares, while still efficient for up to 150 squares
  • Spreader of choice when productivity is limited to 3,000 ft2 per day

DoubleWide Better Spreader

  • 27” wide
  • Perfect size for jobs 150-500 squares
  • Easily maneuverable in smaller areas while still productive in larger spaces

What comes with the Better Spreader?
Each Better Spreader comes packaged with a frame, roller, hole guide, and assembly instructions.

I lost the hole template that came with my Better Spreader. Do you sell replacements?
We do! Visit your local distributor and ask for a Hole Guide (part number BS-HG).

Can I control the flow rate?
Absolutely—and without a bunch of knobs, levers, and dials to complicate the process and cause breakdowns. As you’re applying material, watch the running puddle in front of the roller. If the puddle disappears, your flow isn’t optimized. Start with 1/4″ holes located 3/4″ on center. To increase flow, simply enlarge the hole size, 1/16” at a time. To decrease flow, plug the air hole in your can lid.

How do I clean my Better Spreader?
There’s no tank, so there’s no clean up.

What’s the best way to maintain the tires on my Better Spreader?
Cover your Better Spreader tires with Teflon tape so you can easily peel away any build-up.

Do you have something that will apply beads of material rather than a spread?
Yes! We offer 14″ and 40″ Bead Applicators. The holes that dispense beads of liquid adhesive can be placed according to your needs.