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Albion 1500 XL Series Top Load Cordless Multi-Component Cartridge Gun 18 Volt

Available Options

  • Albion's powerful 18V cordless drive system coupled to an extension (stand-up) carriage for dispensing of 750 X 750ml (1:1) twin cartridges.

  • Extension carriage allows you to comfortably dispense adhesive or joint filler at ground level without stooping over

  • Popular for dispensing urethane adhesives for polyisocyanurate (iso) roof insulation panels & epoxy joint fillers in concrete saw cut control joints

  • E18T1500XL replaced former item # 930-1E

  • Flow control - instant drive disengagement when trigger is released

  • Ergonomic design - reduces wrist strain

  • Supplied fully assembled. Kit Includes:

    • (1) 982-2 18V Lithium-Ion Battery Pack

    • (1) 982-3 Charger for 18V Lithium-Ion Battery (30 minute fast charger)

  • Improvements over Albion 2nd generation cordless guns:

    • Generates 50% more force (950 lbs.)

    • Constant flow with no motor oscillation

    • More robust gear case

    • More efficient motor

    • Li-Io Battery is 50% lighter than NiCad model

    • 40% longer run time compared to NiCad with no fade

    • 50% faster recharge (30 minutes)

    • Wider operating temperature - down to 0°F

    • Fuel gauge shows how much charge is left in battery

    • More battery shock resistance means longer life

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