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Call 216-307-4497 or Email for more information.
Call 216-307-4497 or Email for more information.

AdvanQuick CF Squeegee Applicator

Serration Size
Private Label

The AdvanQuick CF Squeegee Applicator makes the application of squeegee grade adhesives, sealants and coatings more efficient. The continuous flow of material to the squeegee head allows for non-stop application which saves time and eliminates waste. Its U-shape squeegee head design and fingertip speed control allows for precise placement of material delivered at the pace you desire.

Available in a variety of widths. Depending on your preference, choose either the "Pull" version or "Push" version.

The AdvanQuick CF Squeegee Applicator is designed for use with the InvertaPress 4000 dispensing system and most pump systems. Call for details.