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U-Fill-16.3 L Cartridges

26 Red or Blue

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Advantec Building Products increase productivity while lowering costs. U-Fill-16.3L Cartridges are designed for use with the InvertaPress 4000 dual cartridge dispensing system.

Simply fill or transfer your favorite adhesive, sealant or coating from its original container to color coded U-Fill-16.3L Cartridges (A&B sets net 32,550 ml) to experience all the economic and technical advantages associated with InvertaPress 4000

  • Dispense two component materials
  • No pump to maintain
  • Matched flow rates every time
  • Achieve the proper mix for optimum performance
  • Perfect for large projects
  • Simple to use

Designed for: 

  • Contractors
  • Manufacturers
  • Packaging Services
  • Anyone who applies two component materials
  • Roofing Industry
  • Sealant Industry
  • Adhesive Industry
  • Deck Coating
  • Joint Sealer
  • Parking decks
  • Truck Bed protection
  • Many more uses
If you like the consistency and technical superiority associated with 1500 ml cartridges. You'll love InvertaPress 4000 combined with U-Fill-16.3L Cartridges. Each A&B set (net 32,550 ml) contains 21.7 x the volume of a 1500 ml A&B set. Perfect for large projects. The savings will surprise you.